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"Center for the Sale of Projects" ® (CSP) - a company established in 2001, today - a powerful association of professionals united by the idea of ​​creation and creativity, able to express dreams in the material. The PSC constantly analyzes modern trends in the market of architectural projects, selecting the freshest, interesting ideas from around the world, from which a catalog of ready-made architectural projects of residential buildings is being formed. Some projects are presented on the site, with full information on the projects can be found in the "NM House" catalog.

To date, the FPP represents Ukraine's largest bank of ready-made projects for houses, cottages, townhouses, villas and residences, hotels, shops, apartment buildings from the leading designers of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries. More details on the projects can be found in the catalog.

The specialists of the Center will help you choose the type of house and project that is optimal for the future builder, consult on the adaptation of the project, link it to a specific site, etc.

The cost of a full package of ready-made project documentation is from 3500 UAH. The time of receipt is from 3 days to 5 weeks. If you decide to order an individual project, the chief architect of the Center will develop it specifically for you.

The PSC cooperates with contractors, whose experience and professional qualities are constantly confirmed by our customers. In the PSC you can also get the latest information on new products on the market of construction technologies.

Each customer of the "Project Sales Center"® becomes a member of the "Partner Card" program and receives a personal discount card complete with the project documentation, which provides exclusive discounts for building materials, goods and services. The "Partner Card" program gives you the opportunity to provide significant savings from 15% to 30% of the total cost of the finished house. By acquiring reliable partners throughout the construction phase, entrusting them with their efforts, you save time and save your strength and emotions for a happy life in the house of your dreams.


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