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Chord & Major

is a unique audio brand. When you love music, every note matters.

Chord & Major Tonal earphones are uniquely designed the sound to suit for different musical tastes.

"The steps we take to improve sound quality go hand in hand with the latest technology. We delve deeply into the world of musical instruments and recording expertise, as well as their final representation within the music they produce. We do this in order to understand the nature of various musical genres, and develop earphones that convey sound that is faithful to the original recording."

Chord & Major earphones can be analogized with wineglasses. Wineglasses come in various shapes for different wines such as red wine or white wine. Similarly, some earphones are suitable for classical music, and some for jazz. Using tonal earphones is like enjoying your wine with just the right glass.



Chord & Major engineers discovered the fundamental of characteristics, evolutions, elements and performance of music for creating the unique Tonal Earphones specifically designed for all kinds of music such as Jazz, Rock, Classical, Ballad, World Music, Electronic Music.

An earphone which matches with your music taste will conduce to present the most details and characteristics of music, so listening music will be not just a symbol of fashion but also an elegant delight. 


Connecting music and earphones to help our customers and all the music lovers to find the best earphones which meet their taste and preference of music. Through listening to the music through Chord & Major Tonal Earphones that brings much more subtle details and deeper touch to complete your music listening experience with us.


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