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ClassicFlame is a global leader in the design and manufacture of the most modern electric fireplaces.

The Classic Flame brand belongs to the American company Twin-Star International, founded in 1996. Twin-Star is a renowned and award-winning producer of electric fireplaces and interior design products. In his projects he uses classic and modern style, thanks to which he offers the most comprehensive and diverse product line.



Advantages of electric fireplaces 

Unlike gas fireplaces and wood fireplaces, ClassicFlame electric fireplaces do not emit carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, methane, formaldehyde or steam, which means zero emissions. Electric fireplaces do not pollute the interior and the environment.
Air pollution is one of the major civilization problems in the world. An ordinary gas fireplace produces over 2,100 kilos of carbon dioxide per year. By using electric fireplaces we are a friendly environment.

When using an electric fireplace it is not necessary to provide additional ventilation to remove cold and warm air, thanks to which:
- moisture will not enter the room and thus mold
- does not contribute to the so-called "ventilation sequence", i.e. it does not disturb the natural ventilation in the room
Since structures "breathe", the indoor air quality can also be threatened by the ingress of air from the outside into the space.


The LEDs that we use to power our flame effect, use only 11.2 watts of electricity and have a lifespan of over 75,000 hours, compared to ordinary light bulbs that use 120 watts and have to be replaced every 2,000 hours. In other words - the life of the LED diode is about 8.5 years, and the standard bulb only 83 days.

No fuel is needed in electric fireplaces. Fireplaces for firewood are dirty. What's more, storing wood inside a house or flat is difficult and embarrassing.
If the wood is stored outside, there is always a risk of soaking resulting in inferior combustion properties. You do not have to worry about enough wood, instead, spend your free time in front of your electric fireplace.



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