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Kingpin Screens

offers you a variety of models: Electric, manual, pull up and frame screens, for large-scale movie nights or for the conference room. All screens are easy to install and use with your home theater or computer equipment. No matter what your needs are and what option you choose, we guarantee a screen that can handle the requirements of excellent image quality at an appealing price.

Offering good products to reasonable prices has always been our motto. By focusing on design, we can now supply the consumer with a product that is appealing also aesthetically and very suitable for modern homes and environments.
Today, we work very closely with Mr. Jonas Rylander, Industrial Designer at Fishdesign, Stockholm.

“The people at Kingpin Screens have understood the importance of implementing visual design right from the start. We have come far in production development and come up with many new ideas. This will definitely benefit the customer who gets access to smarter products in the future.”

Jonas Rylander



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