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is the professional supplier for IoT devices and solutions. Based on the requirements from customers, long-term exploration and unremitting endeavors have been paid in the development and research of IoT sensors, controllers, mobile IoT, Cloud computing and big data. Relying on the overall advantages in object sensing, learning and controlling, Wulian has already grown into one of the most significant promoters in IoT smart home industry.

At present, Wulian Smart Home products and solutions have already been applied in many major projects globally, which turns into significant supporting technological strength for the construction of smart cities worldwide. Bearing the mission and vision of helping people experience a smart world, Wulian has implemented all kinds of sensors to help people from different fields obtain information in a more direct, unrestrained, equal way to eliminate the information deviation. Confronting the increasingly severe climate change and various kinds of geological disasters, Wulian applies low-carbon wireless networking solutions in a green and environmental friendly way, and assists clients in creating higher efficiencies in society, economy and environment to maintain sustainable development and security.  


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