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XLR to XLR balanced cables. Fractal-Wire™. Inductance: 0.24uH. Capacitance: 90pF. Resistance: 2.2ohm. Leakage: >420Mohm. Impedance: 47ohms. Neutrik XLR plugs. From 3 to 4m. Pair.

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Transparent and Uncoloured Hi Fi Cables

Townshend Audio strives to make the most transparent, revealing and uncoloured audio products possible. The importance of scientifically designed and fully engineered cables is hard to overestimate. 

Townshend Audio employ a number of unique concepts when manufacturing the near perfect ideal cable. We pioneered Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment or EDCT for audio cables,
a technique that is so effective it has been copied across the cable industry and beyond. 

We have now gone a step further and developed Fractal-Wire™. This gives copper wire a characteristic of absolute silence and unbelievable purity. Initially, we incorporated Fractal-Wire™ into the signal connections and transformers of our components, but now we are also offering F1 Fractal-Wire™ interconnects.
Most cables merely change the balance of a system, where as the all range of Townshend cables has been developed to give the greatest transparency with the least amount of character. Put these cables into a well-balanced system and it will reveal more, much more, guaranteed! 

Your system will deliver deeper bass, more open midrange and greater treble sparkle than anything else.

We are so confident in the quality of these cables and the enhanced sound that you will enjoy, that we are making them available with a seven days money back guarantee to all customers worldwide*.

Analogue cables

Do you want to discover what transparency really means? The award-winning DCT 300 and Fractal-Wire™ interconnects are the result of fifty years of research and development and their sound is nothing short of a revelation.


Digital cables

The Isolda DCT Digital Interconnect maintains the precise sharp transition of the digital signal so that no jitter is added; the digital signal arrives intact without any echoes of itself caused by impedance variations.

Speaker Cables

Have you ever heard truly 3D stereo? The unique topology of Townshend Audio Isolda means that its imaging skills are dramatically greater than any other speaker cable.


F1 Fractal™ Interconnect

Fractal-Wire™ is Townshend Audio’s ultimate interconnect. It took a long time to improve the Isolda EDCT (Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment), but we finally achieved it by developing the Fractal-Wire™ proprietary treatment process. 

This is as big a breakthrough as was achieved and much imitated when we discovered the benefits of Enhanced Deep Cryogenic Treatment (also applied to Fractal-Wire™). But this time we’re keeping the details to ourselves! Suffice to say that you have not heard a truly transparent cable until you’ve heard Townshend Audio Fractal-Wire™. 

Each Fractal-Wire™ Interconnect is made by hand because this is the only way to build a cable that has the absolute minimum contact with the insulator. The signal travels through a very thin polyester coated enamelled copper wire, which is spiralled around a much thicker bare copper ground. Because signal and return conductors are so tightly spaced external electric fields cannot get in. As a result, these cables completely stop hum in valve amplifier setups, whilst blocking radio frequency interference (RFI). 

As the signal conductors only come into occasional contact with the inner of the two concentric PTFE tubes degradation due dielectric mass is kept at the barest minimum. The PTFE tubes are in turn placed inside a clear PVC outer. 

Fractal-Wire™ is terminated in the industry best Neutrik Profi RCA phono plugs which have a spring loaded ground collar. The balanced version of Fractal-Wire™ incorporates two strands of the ultra-fine enamelled copper conductor spiralled together with a parallel drain wire but no shielding, it is terminated with Neutrik XLR plugs.

Inductance 0.24uH
Capacitance 90pF
Resistance 2.2ohm
Leakage >420Mohm
Impedance 47ohms

Fractal F1 Interconnect gets a HiFi News Editor's Choice Award

“Laced between my Oppo BDP-105D player/DAC and Krell S-1500 amp, these new Fractal interconnects encouraged a genuinely smooth, detailed and liquid-sounding performance…

…the F1 Fractal has a ‘dark’ quality that lets you hear into the soundstage, walk around the musicians and oh-so-easily tease apart the threads of their mix. Bass sounds robust and extended, treble pin-sharp and sparkling but never too hot or fierce…

…This is a cracking set of cables… …the cable sounded deliciously smooth and detailed and promoting, the kind of easy listening, inky black backgrounds typically associated with the best HiFi systems. Go on treat your self!”



F1 Fractal Interconnect: utterly revealing.

F1 Fractal Interconnect exposes the space, depth energy and image scale, it’s hard to put down.

The bass is unusually controlled yet also shakes the furniture! while the highs are both solid and sparkling when the music demands.
Use it to hear the full glory of the signal being transmitted. J Kennedy, HIFI +, March 2013.

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