Schnepel SK-3 PG 2

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Medium Oak


SK-3 PG 2

Width 1667 mm, 3 doors. Decor, PG 2: B, H, E, P. Five handle options.

Pricegroup (PG) 1: W | High-gloss white S | High-gloss black C | High-gloss Cuba Libre I | Oak, rough-thewn.
Pricegroup (PG) 2: B | Concrete look H | Real slate E | Real oak P | Pasadena

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All this ist possible

A fascinating appearance is one thing, but the Schnepel S1 goes a whole lot further. A wide variety of luxurious details make it the perfect and indispensable companion in the exciting world of multi-media. Whether with fabric-covered fronts for the soundbar, indirect lighting or remote controlled swivel- column TV bracket – all these features give it the leading edge over other conventional hi-fi and TV furniture.

Indirect lighting

Single-colour (white, red or blue) controlled and dimmed by a touch of the chrome inlay, dispensing with the need for a remote control. Further colours are available on request. A remote control is included in the light-chain with changing colours package.

Fabric covered fronts

Everything included: fabric covered fronts (in a choice of black, white or silver- grey) guarantee optimal sound even when the flap is closed. The top area allows room for a soundbar, the bottom area has 3 compartments for AV equipment and accessories.

Swivel column with TV bracket

Chrome column; TV can be swivelled manually to 45° each side (for TVs of max. 60° and max. 55kg)

Swivel column with TV bracket, electrical operation
Column in chromium finish; controllable by remote control; TV has a swivel range of 45° on each side; safety catch prevents further movement when the screen hits a hindrance (for screens up to max. 60“ and a weight of max. 55 kg)

Getting a grip

01. High quality Touch-In finger-pulls
Chrome gloss (Standard if others are not specifically requested)
02. Clear, reduced lines: The railing pull-handle.
Chrome gloss product code 64961
03. Modern appearance guaranteed: Fitted designer handles.
Chrome gloss product code 64962
04. Noble, demonstratively reserved:
The handle- strip. Chrome gloss
(Standard with fabric-covered models) product code 64963
05. Extravagant haptic: The extra wide Trend-Handle.
Chrome gloss product code 64964

Chameleon-like qualities full of ideas

Individuality counts: a choice of eleven specially selected materials are available when planning the cabinet bodies and fronts. Each piece of furniture is produced individually. We go even further and look to accommodate extra décor styles on request.

We will be pleased to send you samples.


Product name: S1 Sk-3
Description: Furniture with 3 doors
Dimensions: H 510 | W 1667 | D 482 mm
Load capacity: Top shelf 90 kg | Extensible shelves 25 kg



Features (standard):

  • High quality chrome inlays in the mitre joints
  • Chrome handles (5 different variations)
  • Levelling feet adjustable from inside
  • Extensible, adjustable shelves
  • Doors with self- and soft-close technique
  • Infrared repeater included to control up to 4 AV devices with closed doors
  • Two integrated 4-times socket strips (=8 slots) in every furniture
  • Cable management: high quality chrome cable hole in the top shelf; invisible cabling inside of the furniture through cable entries in the partition walls of the compartments and in the subfloor

Features (optional):

  • Indirect lighting
  • Integrated sound system
  • Acoustic fabric covered fronts
  • Simply mounted at the wall with the wall mounting kit no. 2
  • Turnable column with TV mount
  • Turnable column with TV mount electr.
  • Internal retracting drawer with self-close technique (max. 1 per compartment, therefore 3 pcs.)

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