Home theaters, Hi-Fi, High End

Home theaters, Hi-Fi, High End

Premier Home Theatre

From Living Room home theatre setups to engineered Grand Cinema installations.

Custom Home Cinema

Our Grand Home Cinema systems offer state of the art design, reference quality audio and unsurpassed luxury for the true enthusiast.

Living Room Setups

For the dedicated cinephile or the casual enthusiast and everything in between, we offer solutions that will meet meet your needs.

Skilled Technicians

We're Home Theatre specialists. Engage us by the hour or get a free no-obligation quote.

Grand Home Cinema Design and Installation

We're serious about Home Cinema. If you're just as serious about achieving the best in performance, style and luxury, then talk to us about our custom Grand Home Cinema Installations.


Home Theatre installations in your Living Room

For cinephiles we have our Grand Home Cinema, but for everyone else CORE trends can help enhance your 5.1 Home Theatre system in your lounge or living room at minimal cost!



AV Installations

We don't just create state-of-the-art, custom Home Theatre rooms. We'll also install your TV, and for a very competitive price!

Do you need your television wall-mounted, your projector installed or your receiver set up? Do you simply need professional advice from CORE trends' AV experts? Call us on 0048 737 356 806 and chat to a friendly technician or send us a massage via website form Contacts or e-mail: info@coretrends.pl.


Hi-Fi & High End reference systems

Whether you are looking for a full blown Home Theater, or a Stereo setup, you can expect only the best from CORE trends.

Our customers get the best personal service and expert advice.

Ultimate experience

Here at CORE trends we are creating the ultimate Hi-Fi experience, which will easily exceed the expectations of even the most demanding audiophiles.
Exceptional systems are available from being affordable to the absolute state of the art. We proud to offer complete High End and HI-FI systems which have been synergistically matched to deliver the very best performance at each level and way beyond their total price. 



Our Philosophy



We seek out the best equipment and reject those products which do not meet our exacting standards


We offer excellent products at fair prices, from the most affordable to the ultimate in High End


Our professional team has decades of experience and expertise in Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment


We love Music and Cinema. Our equipment is a means to the end of enjoying Sound and Vision


Your satisfaction is our priority, it is the measure of our success


Our mission

At CORE trends we embrace all things audio and video and share this passion to meet your each and every goal. Whether your need is a full custom installation, or that final component in a Hi-Fi system, we can help. Let us design, carefully install and precisely set-up your future reference system!

Give us a call today 0048 737 356 806.