For dealers and installers

For dealers and installers

Becoming CORE trends' dealer makes you a leader in your area, giving you the privilege and satisfaction to bring to your market the best technologies and trends.

We strive to offer the ultimate audio & video experience, which will easily exceed the expectations of even the most demanding enthusiasts.

Exceptional systems are available from being affordable to the absolute state of the art. We proud to offer complete Smart systems, High End and HI-FI systems solutions which have been synergistically matched to deliver the very best performance at each level and way beyond their total price. 

CORE trends’ professional team will work with you to get the best out of your automation project. Take advantage of our comprehensive solution “one stop shop”.

We are wholly and solely interested in the automation project at hand, assisting you where you need it and leaving the rest of the electrical work in your capable hands.

It is all about working together to get your job done, add value to your business and make your clients happy. Аlong with best-in-class products we offer to our partners the best conditions for cooperation. Our conditions are simple, transparent, equitable and remunerative. Our main goal is not profit, but a comfortable partnership, to unite not only the dealers, installers, designers, but friends, to have fun from working together, and get satisfaction from the results.

Besides the best products, we offer tools, trainings and resources necessary to help grow your business and increase your profitability. Complete the online application Register as a DEALER and we will contact you within one business day.

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