Automatic control systems

Automatic control systems


Home Automation professionals.

A well designed Home Control system will make your life less complex. You touch the button and something happens - how this is achieved is CORE trends' job. What's important for you to know is when you touch the button you will get the expected result - 100% every time.

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What is Home Automation?

Just about every home has some form of automation. For example your garage door in all probability is controlled by a remote control. Your TV remote is also a form of home automation.

Home Automation is all about how you control the elements within your home. It's got nothing to do with Voice Commands or Clapping your Hands to turn on the lights.

Clever home automation grabs all your home technologies and integrates it into one intelligent package. Home automation does not have to be complicated. You can be selective and choose features and functions that are important to you.



CORE trends' leading Total Home Control specialists.

CORE trends is at the leading edge of Home Control technology. You'll be amazed at how simple our automation systems are to use.

Smart systems can automate or simplify certain tasks, transforming the tedious elements of your home into convenient, easy-to-use solutions.

Total home Control gives you another wonderful avenue of enjoying your home.




High End Home Automation solutions.

AMX is a worldwide leader in integrated control and automation systems for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and more.

For CORE trends client's who require the ultimate in control, AMX offers just about every solution.

Total Home Technology from AMX streamlines and simplifies all the technology in your home offering the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience.




AMX's  award-winning Technology eliminates the need to walk from room to room to adjust curtains, blinds, lights, AV components. Whether from an easy-to-use wall-mount touch screen, remote, tablet or a smart phone, total control is always at your fingertips.

Imagine what the AMX Total Home Technology experience can bring to your lifestyle.

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Whole House & Home Cinema Control.

Finally! ... No more clutter, no more rummaging around for the right remote.

Now with a single touch of a remote control your TV or projector turns on, AV receiver and amplifiers turn on, the inputs are automatically selected, light is dimmed and the Blu-ray player begins to play your movie.

CORE trends makes using today’s technology easy with a complete line of award-winning home control solutions.




RTI has the ability to control the home theater, whole house audio, lighting, HVAC, and security to name a few.

We use RTI to provide a simple, unified interface for today’s home control demands.

CORE trends grants you complete control right from the comfort of your lounge.

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Fully automated, totally integrated lighting control.

Lutron provides automated, totally integrated lighting control at the touch of a finger.

Mood lighting for an intimate dinner, lighting that magically alters and subdues, illumination to read by, a welcoming light that brightens to show you the way on entering the home and then gently fades behind you.

Lutron does it all quickly, easily, seamlessly, effectively.




CORE trends team can customize your installation to control, besides light, your motorised curtains, blinds, ceiling fans, garage door, or even change the radio station or TV channel from any light switch.

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