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Innovate radio devices and radisystems, outstanding design and a sound, that meets the highest reqeirements: 

This is what PALONA stands for. The designers prof. Bernard Geisen, Jakab Barna and Martin Sach met together with Swiss engineers and developed innovate soundsystems for the highest standarts.

Their names: QUUBI, JOJO and TUNER 190 C.

Their missions: Glassclear sound on a highend level.


The QUUBI has been awarded with the “Plus-X“ Design-Award in the catagories high quality, design and ease of use. The hand polished highend design object with its 60 watt music power scales over seven kilogramm. Concentrated power in a cube with 25 cm edge length, easy to use, with remote control or app. 

Thanks to multiroom function you can synchronize severeal QUUBIs. Wether you want to play music from your mobile phone, a music server or an usb-stick or even use it as a soundbar for your TV: The QUUBI is more than worth it! 


Soundsystem QUUBI


                              2.1 Sound system with internet radio/DAB+/UKW/Bluetooth/WLAN/Spotify/Multiroom                               



From a table cloth scetch to a High End Cube

How does the perfect cube form look like for a radio? The kind of geometry is easy, the way there is quite complex – because everyone has a different answer to that question. How is the setting of each control button, where does the music come from, how big is the cube supposed to be? Many participants result in many answers: At a dinner together with Bernhard Geisen and fellow companions in an italian restaurant the answers were gathered together with a ball pen: a scetch on a table cloth – that at the end of the evening also appeared on the invoice.

This table cloth served as a blueprint for more than 30 further drafts until the designer team around Bernhard Geisen, Jakab Barna and Martin Sach agreed on the form of the QUUBI of today. To be honest, only the form of the cube of the first sketch at the Italian restaurant survived the way to the QUUBI. It has emancipated and advanced itself. And his forefather, Bernhard Geisen, is proud of his achievement. A longstanding dream came true in form and sound - way over Ein jahrelanger Traum ist in Form und Sound in Erfüllung gegangen – well beyond his own expectations.

Soundsystem QUUBI Soundsystem QUUBI


The Quubi makes not only an impression by its classic design and extraordinary appearance, but also by the brilliant sound. The hand cut design box shines in black-silver and ivory-silver. The aluminium front panel, the metal base and the loud speaker cover appear to be massive. More than 8 kg is the weight of the High End-Design-Object with its 60 watts music power.                                                                                






Equipped with DAB+, UKW, internet radio, Bluetooth, Spotify and an analog output and input the unit leaves nothing to be desired. Whether you play music with the Quubi from you mobile phone or from the music server, which you installed at home, an USB stick or you use the Quubi as sound bar for TV - the Quubi offers more than anyone could ask for. All information about the stations, song titles or latest news could be deducted from the big color screen.                                                           







Concentrated power

This means concentrated power in a cube with 25 cm edge length. The handling is simple and intuitive. An easy-view remote control and a gratis App for iOS and Android belong to the equipment of the Quubi. Whether you place the Quubi beside your bed for waking up in the morning or place it in in the dining or living room or even in the office – the design fits to any interior. By the multiroom function you can dub several Quubis and create a rhythmic sound in your complete living area. The Quubi has already been distinguished with the “Plus X”Award in the category: high-quality, design and easy operation and has been tested “excellent” in AUDIO TEST, DiGITAL fernsehen and DIGITAL TESTED.

Radiosystem TUNER 190 C 


                                       19“ Hi-Fi tuner with internet radio/DAB+/UKW/Bluetooth/USB/WLAN/Spotify                                     


A masterpiece, that unites simplicity, quality and technic: The TUNER 190 C is self-explanatory in its handling and upgrades every existing stereo system with a variaty of multifunctional possibilities. Hearing music from the mobile phone via Bluetooth, using streaming services like Deezer or Amazon music, having a direct access for Spotify – all this is possible, nothing has to. With the clear remote control the menue points and favourite programms can be easily controlled, the free UNDOK-App operates the TUNER 190 C in the whole network. The TUNER 190 C likes it simple!
  Radiosystem TUNER 190 C

Music streaming

You would like to hear the music of your mobile phone by your hifi system? No problem. You can connect your Tuner 190C via Bluetooth with your mobile phone within seconds. You also could use streaming services as Deezer, Juke or Amazon music very simple with Bluetooth from your mobile phone to the hifi system. For Spotify you have a direct line to the Tuner 190C, but here you need a Spotify premium account.


Remote control and app control

The high-quality remote control permits you to control the Tuner 190C easily. All menu points, as well as favorite stations can be controlled easily. The UNDOK app is gratis in the Apple Store and for Android mobile phones in the Google Play Store available. After installation of the UNDOK app the Tuner 190C can be controlled in the complete network and you have access to all settings.                                       


Very easy operating

The Tuner 190 C is self-explaining and leads you through the menu during the first installation. Nevertheless we recommend to read the attached operation instruction to become acquainted with its functions. Both lit-up rotary buttons allow the access to volume and the menu and the also lit-up back button brings you back through the menu.                                                                                                              

Soundsystem JOJO


                                     Soundsystem with internet radio/DAB+/UKW/Bluetooth/USB/WLAN/Spotify                                        


Brilliant in sound, brilliant in design, brilliant thought out: The JOJO is a real hybrid wonder with all technical refinements, that are possible on the smallest space: Wether internet radio, music from an USB stick or MP3 or Spotify, directly connected to the TV or synchronized via Bluetooth – with its 40 watt music performance the JOJO not only brings a hearable change but also multifunctional variaties for home entertainment. Features like colour display, button with LED light or dual alarm left no doubts: The JOJO hits home!
Soundsystem JOJO Soundsystem JOJO

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