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Datasat Digital Entertainment

One company is bringing professional sound quality into home cinema. That's Datasat Digital Entertainment.

You can achieve the same listening experience at home as in the best cinemas. Our digital audio processors for luxury home cinema are based on exactly the same technology as our market-leading cinema processors. When it comes to home cinema the Datasat RS20i is as close to the perfect sound as you can get. 

"For nearly 20 years, we've pioneered the development of digital audio for the cinema industry. We've been delivering high quality, immersive digital surround sound to theaters worldwide. Today, we're bringing the same innovative, professional digital audio processing technology into home cinema."

Datasat Digital Sound
Previously known as DTS, Datasat has been providing the best possible surround sound for 35mm since 1993. Today, Hollywood studios and movie makers across the globe license our sound technology on their releases.

We provide a one-stop solution for delivering digital soundtracks in Datasat Digital Sound. This includes:

  • Placement of Datasat time codec on the 35mm print

  • Digital mastering of the original soundtrack

  • Synchronization of sound file to the Datasat time codec

  • Addition of optional access features such as captioning or audio description

  • Delivery of sound file on CD-ROM

Datasat Digital Sound is compressed on a 4.1 ratio, which requires less compression than alternative surround sound formats for 35mm film. This results in smaller amounts of data loss and greater audio fidelity. 
Today, over 30,000 cinemas worldwide support Datasat Digital Sound for the truest and most natural cinema sound reproduction.
From Datasat Digital Sound to the leading audio cinema processors, we help cinemas achieve audio excellence.


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