The Beast

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The Beast

The first audio server ever that was developed to be perfect to the last detail. A result of combining knowledge and experience in High-End manufacturing and passion for music.

Operation and control of features and settings are adjusted on the build in 7” High-Definition touchscreen using software developed specifically for this purpose. THE BEAST can be fully used and operated without access to the Internet. No computer is needed and the unit can be used as soon as you take it out of the box.

The server comes with its dedicated integrated ripping station and special ripping software. The operating system, control software and library software are all Linux based and written by our own engineers and have been optimized over the last 12 years. For the metadata, the server is connected to the licensed database library from GRACENOTE.

This impressive piece of high-end technology has a stable and zero resonance chassis fully made out of high-grade aluminum. Each of the main components of the server has its own dedicated sealed enclosure to prevent any interference and guarantees a perfect protection from distortions. Wire paths are optimized and are located inside sealed enclosures.

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