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Projection screen manufacturer Screen Innovations (SI), was founded in 2003 with one simple goal: to bring the big screen experience out of the dark. Based on the belief that two-piece projection was the best way to enjoy a truly immersive viewing experience, founder and CEO Ryan Gustafson led the small company to quickly establish a name for itself in the big screen market. In 2008, he achieved that goal with the introduction of the first iteration of Black Diamond® technology, the world’s first optically-based screen to reject ambient light from all directions.

Ten years later, SI is now on its 23rd revision of the popular Black Diamond screen and has set its sights on the commercial market, announcing major updates to the top three screen materials in their line-up: Black Diamond®, Slate® and Solar will be available in the new extra-large (XL) variations.

The new Black Diamond screen, ‘Black Diamond XL' achieves its unique ALR properties by utilizing microscopic stacked optical layers. Historically, Black Diamond and all other layer-based optical screens were limited to 60-inches in height. SI has broken through this barrier due to their extensive experience working with ALR screens. “Black Diamond XL is probably the single greatest innovation that this company has achieved to date. There’s an incredible amount of engineering, development and technology that has gone into creating this product. It wasn’t easy,” said Gustafson. “We knew the world needed it though and that drove us to never stop on our goal to achieve the largest optical layer based screen in existence.” Black Diamond XL increases the maximum height limitation to 76-inches tall, making it possible to create a seamless, 150-inch diagonal 16:9 optical screen.

In addition to Black Diamond XL, SI is also announcing that its popular Slate material has a new, larger variation aptly named ‘Slate XL'. Slate was originally designed to make ALR screens larger and more versatile at an affordable price point. SI’s unique Zero-G® ‘levitating’ projection screen is one example where Slate accomplishes this by rolling tightly onto a motorized core. Originally limited to 106-inches in height, SI announced that Slate XL will surpass this maximum height by an increase of more than 78%, resulting in a new maximum material height of 189-inches by 2900-inches wide. This delivers a 371-inch diagonal ALR screen in 16:9, without a seam.

Finally, to complete the XL trifecta, SI updates its Solar White and Gray screen materials to match the new larger variation of Slate XL at a maximum material height of 189-inches by 2900-inches wide. Solar White and Gray were engineered to offer customers affordable white and gray screen options that were capable of uniformly and accurately repeating results at up to 4k resolution. Due to its managed texture pattern, drastically reduced image diffusion is possible even at a budget-conscious price point.

“Even though we continue to push screen technology further with innovations like our new XL line of screen materials and our totally unique Zero-G screen,” said Blake Vackar, VP of Commercial Sales, “our biggest innovation is still in how we do business. Innovative, simple, fun. That’s our motto.” Vackar continued, “We have been in our customers’ shoes and we understand the importance of answering the phone immediately or getting a drawing out in minutes — not days".

Screen Innovations makes it easy for integrators to choose the right screen for each project based on lighting, room size, seating distance, and more. Visit Screen Innovations website to check out the Screen Calculator, Screen Wizard and Projector Wizard online tools.

SI’s Black Diamond®, the world’s first and only multidirectional ambient-light-rejecting projection-screen technology, has revolutionized the two-piece projection category.

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