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Every Videotree waterproof, mirror and outdoor television is designed and manufactured in Britain by an expert team of technical and design specialists. Videotree are based in Surrey and are proud to fly the flag for UK innovation, serving clients internationally with waterproof televisions installed in homes and businesses across France, Germany, Spain, Dubai, Ukraine and the USA to name a few. 

Videotree's range of televisions brings any kitchen, bathroom, spa or outdoor space to life with their elegant design and cutting-edge technology, with bespoke options available to suit the needs of every client. Large LED outdoor displays are also available for clients within the hospitality, sports and retail sectors. 

Over a decade ago, Videotree launched the world´s first full HD, waterproof LED television and embarked on an journey of technological mastery. The standards Videotree have set along the way continue to inspire those who strive to emulate our presence in this dynamic and fast-paced industry. Not only did Videotree revolutionize the impact of TV on multi-room environments with IP-enabled televisions, Videotree incorporated, and continues to build in, inventive design features that put performance perfection first. 


  • Home Cinema;
  • Streaming Media;
  • Video Projection & Display;
  • Hospitality business

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United Kingdom
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