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Wolf Cinema

– delivering state of the art filmic experiences for the discerning few.

Wolf Cinema was founded by parent company SUMIKO in January of 2008, and released their first line of reference home cinema projectors nine months later. In subsequent years the company has grown over 1,000 percent and enjoys a strong reputation with dealers, sales partners, magazines and customers around the world. Wolf Cinema successfully split off from SUMIKO in 2011 and is now a wholly-owned, separate organization based in Berkeley, CA.

Wolf Cinema is positioned at the pinnacle of the front projection home video market. Our team delivers advanced solutions that produce the highest fidelity images, coupled with some of the most dedicated service and partner support teams in the industry. Of our two primary missions – performance and reliability – the latter may be the most difficult to achieve but the one most appreciated by our end-users and dealers alike. No matter how fantastic an image may appear, if the projector is not working the result is a challenged dealer service team and an unsatisfied customer. All Wolf Cinema projectors enjoy an enviable reputation for rugged, near-bulletproof reliability due to our extensive engineering, testing and quality control expertise.


  • Home Cinema
  • Image Processing
  • Video Projection & Display


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